Food Literacy In Preschool (FLIP)

Invasion of the Pea Snatchers

The majority of children will have decided their food preferences by the time they leave pre-school, and those preferences will likely be for the sweet and salty and not much else. That is why this is a crucial point to intervene. We can source all the fresh produce we like, but unless we can inculcate children with the palate and desire to eat it, then we might as well put it straight in the compost bin and cut out the middle man.

FLIP (as with all of our programs) is built around community leadership. A volunteer teacher, trained by the Foodbank goes into low-income preschool programs and introduces the children to a single item of produce – where it comes from, what it tastes like, what type of recipes it can be used in. There is also a story and physical game element.

FLIP is all about a food bank saying that less is more. It features a ‘distribution’ element, but it is confined to a modest amount of a single item of produce, which the child can bring home and share.

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