Hunger into Health – The Book


Six happy years ago, the Hunger into Health blog was born. 2012 was a different time for food banking and for most everything else. I had 5 kids, not 6 and the world seemed a simpler place!

The blog is focused on looking at any and all strategies for improving long-term health and food security. We considered a wide array of different ideas: from using public health strategies to community leadership; empowering clients to how to raise money in new ways.

This month is my tenth anniversary at the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County, and I figured now was the perfect time to write a book drawing on many of the lessons learned and lessons we are still struggling to learn.

I’m very excited what I’ve been able to pack so much into a highly-readable book. It’s a full color extravaganza with plenty of ideas and strategies for you to try. I’m putting in a few spreads from the book so you have an idea of what to expect.

You can purchase the book or the Kindle version at Amazon, at this link:

Or you can order it directly from our Foodbank at

Turn hunger into health – this book shows you how!

Here’s a couple of the colorful graphics form the book:


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